Needle valve for dam base: For renewal of drainage

The water management association of Aggerverband maintains several dams in the German state Nordrhein-Westfalen. For the renewal of the base drainage at one of these dams, AVK delivered a needle valve DN1200/PN16. The needle valve will be used as a bottom outlet for the dam in order to control the water level and keep it constant; even during heavy rainfall.

The first contact for the base drainage renewal projects in Germany was made at the IFAT exhibition in Munich, where our showcased solutions made the executing plant engineer of the project aware of the possibilities of a partnership with AVK. The cooperation was then induced by a meeting to discuss the technical operating conditions of a needle valve as well as an upstream butterfly valve and additional required fittings for the base drainage. 

The executing plant engineer and the end customer went to our Italian AVK company ACMO to overlook the production facilities as well as the quality of the equipment and a current installation with a needle valve of the requested design. Here, they were also given a computational proof of the flow rates to be provided, based on preordain operating parameters.

During the technical approval of the needle valve with AUMA actuator, the strength, layer thickness and leakage rate were tested along with a dimensional test. The butterfly valve DN1200/PN16 with AUMA actuator was manufactured and delivered by Wouter Witzel, our Dutch colleagues within the AVK Group.

A year after the customers’ first visit to ACMO, the supplied valves and fittings were put into operation under surveillance of employees of the water management association, the executing plant engineer, a representative of the Cologne district government and employees of AVK Armaturen GmbH. The precise function of the installation as well as the achievement of the required flow rates were observed and approved.

With this project we had the favour to prove the performance and strength of AVK being "glocal", and we are pleased that the project has been successfully completed. Expect global leadership and local commitment!

AVK needle valve specifications

  • Nominal diameter: DN1200
  • Nominal pressure: PN16
  • Inside pressure: max. 4.1 bar
  • Outside pressure: free outlet
  • Flow rate: max. 14 m³/s
  • Coating: min. 500 µm epoxy
  • Weight: 3,700 kg
  • Actuator: AUMA electric actuator SAR 10.2 with AM 01.1 control, closing/opening time approx. 9 minutes


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