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AVK is a global market leader within valves and hydrants. AVK valves are part of vital infrastructure systems that include potable water distribution, wastewater treatment, irrigation system, distribution of natural gas and sprinkle systems used for fire protection. AVK hydrants are used for outdoor fire protection systems in industrial areas and around large buildings and by firefighters to extinguish fires in our communities. We aim at developing products which will make a difference now and in future, for instance products that will help solve crucial problem like non-revenue water (NRW), water quality, production cost, maintenance cost and vital products which offer the most cost-efficient solution for our customers in the long run.

AVK Valves India Pvt Ltd., is a subsidiary of the AVK Group, a privately-owned Danish company employing +4.300 people worldwide. When dealing with the AVK group you can expect quality, reliability, functionality and long lifetime in service. At AVK Valves India Pvt Ltd, we manufacture valves and accessories, and thanks to additional product types from other AVK Group factories, we can offer a wide selection of affordable high-quality products to the market.

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