Control valve variants and configurations

Pressure reducing and pressure sustaining/relief valves are part of our standard range, and with our online sizing tool you will get guidance for selection of the suitable type and dimension. On request, we also offer control valve such as:

  • Surge anticipation valve: Automatically protects the pipe system against pressure surges, mainly happening at pump start-up, or in the event of failure.
  • Altitude valve: Automatically controls the water levels in tanks or reservoirs. 
    • One-way: The altitude pilot senses the water level and opens to refill, once the level drops below set point. 
    • Two-way: Like one-way, but furthermore, the valve opens for returning the flow in case the inlet pressure is lower than the tank/reservoir pressure.
  • Float level valve: Automatically controls the water levels in tanks or reservoirs.
    • Modulating: The modulating float is remotely installed and controls the tank/reservoir level at a defined set point. The valve closes tightly at desired level and opens, if filling is needed.
    • Non-modulating: The non-modulating float keeps the valve closed until the tank/reservoir level reaches the minimum acceptable set point. Then the control valve opens fully to refill, until it reaches the maximum acceptable set point, and the valve closes.
  • Constant flow valve: Automatically maintains the flow demand, regardless of changes in inlet or outlet pressures.
  • Solenoid control valve: Automatically either closes or opens the main valve.
  • Dual solenoid control valve: Automatically controlled by electrical signals. The control valve offers full regulation of pressure, flow and level.
  • Multi-function and solenoid override: Multi-function control valves, such as a combined pressure reducing and pressure sustaining control valve, are also part of the range. Furthermore, many of the variants are available with solenoid override, where an electric signal either closes or opens the main valve. 

Optional configurations

AVK also offers accessories such as pressure gauges and position indicators as well as special configurations e.g. with built-in anti-cavitation trim, lifting lugs and flush valve on the filter.


Control valves

Learn how control valves can help reduce water losses and contribute to efficient water supply management.


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