AVK range of knife gate valves

We offer knife gate valves with lever, handwheel, pneumatic actuator, ISO top flange for actuator or complete with electric or pneumatic actuator. The valve design permits a simple and rapid change of actuator.

Our knife gate valves are available with body of ductile iron and seat of NBR as standard, and optionally of other materials such as seat of viton, PTFE, EPDM, natural rubber or polyurethane depending on the service medium and the temperature at operation (NBR max. 80˚ C, PTFE max. 220˚ C, Viton max. 260˚ C). They are all treated with fusion bonded epoxy coating for optimal protection.

Knife gate valves with high quality materials and excellent design features

They are full bore valves permitting easy passage of liquid of whatever viscosity and there are no body cavities below the gate where the medium can collect. The valves are self-cleaning as particles will be pushed off the gate when opening the valve, and gate scrapers and deflector cones can be provided for particulate or abrasive media for extra protection of the packing gland. Also, the top packing gland is replaceable which enables replacement of the sealing without disassembly of the valve.
The design of our knife gate valves is simple and allows easy maintenance and cost effective installation. The valves are bi-directional and allow installation without any restrictions as to the direction of the flow. A protected sealing, high quality materials and a full, plain bore lead to a great performance and a long service life.

AVK knife gate valve features

  • ATEX approved (94/9/94EC)
  • Bi-directional
  • Full bore and plain bottom
  • U-shaped reinforced NBR sealing
  • Gate supports integrated in the body
  • Slim design and low weight
  • Scraper as optional extra
  • Encaged stem with yokes prepared for inductive censors and micro switches
  • Stem/gate connection with self-locking nuts
  • Replaceable top packing gland
  • Washers under the secondary bolts protect the coating

AVK knife gate valve range

  • GGG-40 body, AISI 316 gate, stem and bolts/nuts, NBR sealing (optionally other materials) 
  • PN10 (optionally up to PN100)
  • DN50-1200 (optionally larger sizes)
  • Standard variants:
    • non-rising stem and handwheel
    • rising stem and handwheel
    • lever (up to DN200)
    • pneumatic actuator (up to DN1000)
    • ISO top flange
    • Linear actuator
    • Square cap
    • AUMA electrical actuator
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