AVK Valves India Pvt Ltd is open for Business after Covid-19 lockdown

AVK Valves India Pvt Ltd is back to full operations. All the required clearance have been taken and AVK India stands by to adhere to all safety norms set by local authorities for the safety of staff and surroundings of Factory. 05-05-2020

We have incorporated various preventive measures to prevent the virus from re-emerging, Our factories, offices and canteen areas are disinfected regularly, and everybody wears masks and gloves, washes hands and gets their temperature checked twice a day. Social distancing is followed by all the employees inside the factory.

In addition, preventive measures taken and on the first day back at work, the management team has provided epidemic prevention training to all Employees on how to handle shipments post COVID.

In this tough time where COVID -19 is changing the business model, AVK India is emerging strong, our colleagues too showed that there is ray of hope in getting our business back to normal.

Congratulations to our colleagues for their continuous efforts in resuming the factory operations. 

The following treatment has been carried out:

  • Cold Fogging 
  • Spraying / Misting 

Areas Treatement carried out locations:

  • Entire shop floor area 
  • Office, conference room etc 
  • Toilets 
  • Storage area inside and outside the factory premises 
  • Other area of factory premises 

The above procedure will be performed once in 15 days.

All the necessary PPE / Hand sanitizer / Hand wash are available to ensure preventive measures for COVID 19. Necessary SOP is made as a precautionary measures that need to be followed during unloading the materials.

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