New transition gate valves for gas

From steel pipes to PE pipes with our new gate valve series 46/90. 23-05-2019

We are pleased to introduce our new transition gate valve for gas. It is based on our standard series 46 cast steel gate valve and has a steel spigot pipe end on one side and a standard PE pipe end approved according to EN1555 on the other side.

The transition gate valve is ideal for use as a tapping valve connecting a PE pipeline to an existing steel main line. It can also be used as a building entry valve, where in-house piping is required in steel, and the distribution pipeline is made of PE.

The mechanical connection of the PE pipe end is made with the exact same design as our series 36 gate valve with PE pipe ends. The connection is approved according to the DVGW G5600 standard, and the complete valve is covered by our CE certificate for our standard gas program.

Please click on below links for more information:

Series 46/90-003 - with yellow epoxy coating

Series 46/90-010 - with black PUR coating for additional cathodic protection


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