FCRI Certification for AVK products In India

Hight quality AVK products getting certificated by Indian institutes whose presence in known across Asia.

FCRI (Fluid control research institute)

FCRI is an Institute in south India known for testing and calibrating different Flow measuring and controlling equipment’s across Asia. And government authorities have high regards for products tested and certified by FCRI as they are put under rigorous testing. 

FCRI was established by the Government of India as a UNDP assisted project with the active support of UNIDO as the executing agency coming under ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Govt Of India Kanjikode West, Palakkad - 678623, Kerala, India. 

The Institute represents the first serious attempt to provide a frame of reference and standardization to critical aspects of fluid control and measurement in Industrial processes. Over the years FCRI has grown into a full-fledged quality assurance centre for the core sector industry and is on par with similar establishments in developed countries, with the facilities available at FCRI manufacturers like AVK get their quality products tested as per relevant standard and make it easy for customer to choose AVK products.

Why AVK chose FCRI?

AVK believes in quality products that has long life and help water projects end clients to have stable system with minimum maintenances issues, as valves play an important role in water transmission system and distribution networks AVK understands the need of quality products and manufacturers  product quality certification bodies in India. As FCRI is only such institute in India which has the facility to do Life cycle test, function test and body, seat test which is recognised by Government of India and accepted across all end clients across water authorities in India. 

As AVK products are known for the quality and standards it follows during each step of manufacturing all the products given for testing have cleared tests conducted by FCRI and have certified AVK products on their life cycle, function, body and seat testing.

Type of test conducted at FCRI

Function test- is conducted in diaphragm control valve to check if the hydraulic pilots act and respond as designed. AVK has conducted function test of two type of diaphragm control valves at FCRI, namely- hydraulic pilot operated Pressure reducing valve and hydraulic pilot operated flow control valve. 

Function test checks if the control valve can maintain the set downstream flow or pressure points even when upstream flow or pressure are changing/ fluctuating. In this valve the hydraulic pilot must sense the change in parameters and adjust the valve opening to maintain the downstream set point. 

  • Life cycle tested as per standards AWWA C 504 for Butterfly valves.
  • Life cycle test is to find out for how many mechanical cycles a valve can withstand the fluid pressure before any leak occurs. 
  • AVK BFV are tested for 10,000 mechanical cycles as per AWWA C504.
  • AVK Gate valves are tested for 21,500 mechanical cycles.

Body and seat test

  • Testing standard- EN 1074-1 and 5 / EN 12266
  • Valve body is tested for 1.5* its PN rating by pressuring the valve with water and keeping it for time as per standard mentioned above, with this test we find out the strength of the body of the valve which should withstand even if any water hammer happens in pipe line.
  • Valve seat is tested for 1.1* its PN rating by pressuring the valve with water and keeping it for time as per standard mentioned above, with this test we find out if any leaks at the seating area of the valve.


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